10 Foot Symptoms Not To Be Ignored (I)

Feet impassiveness may be related to diabetes, deep tone blockage, bulging intervertebral discs; bottom cramps may warrant calcium or phosphorus, dehumidification, varicose modes. What’s your physical condition, your bases will” speak” to you.

Aging starts with the bases. Every day we” stand on”our bases to walk, work, and move around. day after day, time after time, but we infrequently pay attention to or observe the warning signals from our bases.

Both Chinese and Western drugs agree that the body is a whole, and the transmission of power is by no means only local. However, it’ll affect other corridors in the long run, If there’s a problem in one place. Once the function of the toe furthest down from us has a problem, the force point will be changed from the bottom, ankle, shin, ham to the midriff, and indeed the chine. Over time, the bone structure will change, and the muscles and muscles will also change. Also, there are problems.

Still, guard, health is pulling the alarm, If your bases frequently show colorful symptoms.

1. Cold bases
■ Symptoms The hands and bases are frequently cold, especially at night, indeed cold enough to sleep.
What the croaker said Zhu Jiahong, Director of Feet and Ankle Surgery at Changhua Xiuchuan Hospital, said that cold bases may be related to other conditions similar as diabetes, arterial embolism, or Raynaud’s complaint in addition to poor blood rotation, walking, or too little exercise. As an early sign of autoimmune complaint” scleroderma”, if your hands and bases are frequently pale and cold, and your toenails change from pale to blue and grandiloquent, pay special attention.

In addition to poor blood rotation, it may also be related to the part of autonomic jitters.

Chen Qixian, director of the Rehabilitation Medicine Department of Wanfang Hospital, explained that in addition to motor jitters and sensitive jitters, the nervous system also has autonomic jitters that are responsible for vasoconstriction and expansion, feeling cold and hot, whether they will get goosebumps or sweating. However, indeed if the temperature is Also, the hands and bases of people who are prone to compression will be particularly cold, If supplemental jitters are particularly easy to contract.” Women are particularly prone to this. The real reason is unknown. We suspect that it’s likely that some women’s autonomic jitters are easier to spark.”


Traditional drug believes that people with cold spleen and stomach tend to have cold hands and bases, which are common in those with low mobility ( generally sitting), vegetarianism ( hot meat and not-eating meat for a long time will make the spleen and stomach deep freeze), or people with weak qi and blood. Indeed if you drink a mug of hot tea, you can temporarily warm your hands and bases, but it doesn’t take long for them to cool off again. Because foreign objects temporarily change blood rotation, your blood rotation is still poor. Chen Pinghe, director of the Department of Acupuncture and Injury at the Taipei Medical University Hospital, refocused out The abecedarian way is to increase mobility, take drugs that promote blood rotation, or ingest foods that can warm the spleen and stomach.

■ You can do this
◎ 1. Soak your bases with hot water at 40 °C for 20 twinkles to ameliorate your bases, but do not soak too hot to avoid parboiling. Chen Qixian recommends that the water temperature shouldn’t exceed 40 °C. It can’t be soaked for too long. Studies have shown that 20 twinkles are the most suitable. Because we’re a warm-thoroughbred beast, if we change our body temperature for too long, our body will try to change the temperature back. So if we soak for too long to make the bases hot, the body will try to produce energy for the bases.”It consumes further calories, and the heart can’t stand it.”

◎ 2. Longan Supplement
As for how to warm the spleen and stomach, the easiest way is to eat further fermented rice. Longan can be added to fermented rice to warm the spleen and heart at the same time. Chen Ping and a case went to Nanjing to study and weren’t used to the original climate. In downtime, she was the only one who suffered from frostbite in the academy. After eating fermented longan, the hands and bases no longer suffered from frostbite in the coming downtime.

◎ 3. Exercise more
A more positive approach is to exercise to make the blood and vitality vigorous.”The monks in Shaolin Temple are insectivores, but because they exercise boxing all day and do a lot of exertion, they will not look disheveled or have cold hands and bases,” Chen Pinghe said.

Leg cramps
■ Symptoms Feet cramps may do at any age, especially middle-aged and senior people most frequently have bottom cramps in the middle of the night, bottom pain, and it’s likely to warrant calcium and phosphorus, dehumidification, muscle strain, or sitting and standing for too long during the day, poor posture, varicose modes, a many It’s related to diabetes, Parkinson’s complaint, anemia, hypoglycemia, and endocrine abnormalities.


■ What did the croaker say
Zhu Jiahong observed that utmost people have shin cramps most frequently, while toe cramps are more common in bottom cramps, and bottom cramps are less common.
Sleep cramps, pain on the bases, indecorous walking and standing movements during the day; shin cramps may be caused by low temperature or lack of nutrients (calcium ion imbalance) or inordinate fatigue during the day, of course, wear unhappy shoes, toes It’s related to head contraction and strain.
When the bases are affected by external forces and the body feels dangerous, it’ll cover itself through a contraction. However, you’ll get cramps,” explains Wang Ganong, “If you contract too much.

In addition, feet cramps in the middle of the night may also be caused by varicose veins. With excessive fatigue during the day, sitting or standing for too long, the venous blood of the lower limbs cannot flow back to the heart smoothly. “Venous blood contains many metabolites. These acidic substances reduce the blood oxygen level in the venous blood vessels and turn it into poor circulation,” Mr. Taipei Cardiovascular surgery physician Lai Xiaoting emphasized that venous blood with excessive acidic substances in the feet can irritate nerves and tend to tighten muscles and cause cramps.

■You can do this:

◎1. Don’t pull hard when cramping
Don’t pull it hard when you have cramps. This will be more exciting and make the contraction more severe. Physiotherapist Wang Ganyong suggests relaxing your body first, straightening your legs slightly, bending your feet slightly toward your knees, and then turning your big toe toward your knees. Pull gently to make the calf feel straightened. If the attacks are frequent or the symptoms are severe, seek medical attention for the cause.

◎2. Raise your feet slightly while sleeping
To help lower limb venous blood flow back to the heart smoothly and reduce cramps caused by varicose veins, Lai Xiaoting suggested that you can put your feet up a little while sleeping, “as long as it is higher than the heart.” Those who need to sit or stand for long periods of work during the day can wear it. Elastic stockings, in addition to prevention, can also prevent the deterioration of calf varicose veins.

◎3. Supplement vitamin B complex, sports drinks, milk, dried fish.
Usually can add vitamin B group, sports drink or milk, dried fish. If you still have cramps, “some people have a similar phenomenon when the nerves are compressed by the long bone spurs,” Chen Ping and the director suggested at this time to see an X-ray to confirm the cause.

◎4. Siwu Decoction, Bazhen Decoction for nourishing liver and blood
If the test result is normal, the cramps still occur at night, “Chinese medicine thinks it is insufficient liver blood,” Chen Pinghe explained, blood deficiency is not enough to moisten the muscles, the liver governs the muscles, and if the liver blood is insufficient and cannot nourish the muscles, they will want to pump. Both men and women can eat four. Wutang and Bazhen Decoction to invigorate the liver and blood.

◎5. Keep warm
Sometimes cramps are caused by low temperature. It is easy to pump at night in winter. Even if you blow on an electric fan at night in summer, you should take heat preservation measures, soak your feet in hot water, massage your feet before going to bed, wear socks to sleep, and promote blood circulation.

■More related information:

Chen Mingren, the former chairman of the Chinese Feet Reflex Zone Health Law Association who has studied feet massage for 26 years, observes that people who often cramp in the middle of the night, flash to the waist or stiff neck, often have a poor liver function, circulation and metabolism problems can promote blood circulation and reduce cramps. . Once cramps occur, strong stimulation should not be given to avoid tendon strains but should be relaxed. When calf cramps, you can gently knead the upper and lower positions of the cramps with your hands to allow blood to flow and encourage muscles to stretch.

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