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How to choose your own insoles, four simple categories

The following brief introduction to you about four different types of insoles, I hope you have a preliminary understanding, and then carefully look at what to choose. First, the shock-absorbing soft insole Generally made of soft materials, it is also the most sold insole on the market. Its functions are mainly comfort, air [...]

How to choose your own insoles, four simple categories2020-12-08T13:51:51+08:00
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How to wear orthotics

In the beginning, custom made insoles are used to give better support to the arch of the foot. Shoes with flat feet are the best choice for sports shoes, it is recommended to wear corrective insoles to pick shoes, try on new shoes, please take out the original insole, into the corrective insole, [...]

How to wear orthotics2020-12-07T10:00:30+08:00
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How to use orthotics

FIRST Getting familiar with your orthotics insoles Although commonly called “orthotics” the right name for prescription orthotics is “Functional Foot Orthoses.” they're called “functional” because, when properly prescribed, will improve the function of your foot. By improving the function of the foot, they also change the function of the muscles within your foot and therefore the muscles entering the foot from [...]

How to use orthotics2021-01-15T14:42:06+08:00

How to clean orthotics

Cleaning and Maintenance Proper care of your custom orthotics insoles is important to long wear and maximum benefit. Orthotics are often faraway from shoes and cleaned when needed. Care of the foot orthotics can depend upon the materials used. Plastics are often hand-washed with mild soap, rinsed well, and towel dried. Foams can generally be cleaned with alcohol or baby wipes. [...]

How to clean orthotics2020-12-07T09:53:12+08:00

How are orthotics made

To make custom made orthotics insoles, the Pedorthist a doctor who professional in feet disease, will take a 3D cast of the patient's feet. The Pedorthist then modifies the cast to correct any alignment issues or other foot problems. Depending on the patient's needs, the Pedorthist then selects the material for the orthotic. [...]

How are orthotics made2020-12-07T09:51:05+08:00

How to choose orthotics

Before you choose orthotics, you need to know your feet type. How to determine foot arch type? Normal Arch (Medium) If the middle part of your arch is about half filled, this means you have a normal arch. Flat Arch (Full) If your footprint looks like a complete foot, then you have a [...]

How to choose orthotics2020-12-07T09:50:01+08:00

How to get orthotics

How do I know if I need orthotics? Your foot does not have an arch or high arch – if your arch is high or low, regular shoes may not be able to provide the support you need for your foot. Orthotics can help you provide the support that regular shoes don't have. [...]

How to get orthotics2020-12-07T09:48:51+08:00

Best Flat Feet Treatments

Nowadays, with the development of human living conditions, many people will pay more attention to their health, including their feet health. As we all know, the arch is a necessary structure of the human foot. The foot is elastic with a foot arch. It can not only absorb the impact force of the [...]

Best Flat Feet Treatments2020-10-20T16:34:03+08:00

Development of orthopedic insoles in China

In recent years, as a rising discipline, ankle surgery has become more and more popular, not only in foreign respected but also began to attach importance in China. Before the 1980s, our country orthopedics old-timers, in the Poliomyelitis Sequela Foot and ankle deformity correction and the treatment of trauma has made remarkable achievements, [...]

Development of orthopedic insoles in China2020-11-03T09:39:31+08:00

Ideastep China’s leading orthopedic insole company

Our company is Xiamen KON Technology Co., Ltd. Our brand is Ideastep. We have 28 years of prefabricated and custom made orthotic insole experience. We started from Insole and still concentrate on the Orthotic insole. In the year 1989, our elder generation created an Insole business named “Yili Shoes Materials Co., Ltd.” and [...]

Ideastep China’s leading orthopedic insole company2021-01-21T15:18:27+08:00
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