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  • Cushioning orthotic insoles

Cushioning orthotic insoles

# 431 The cushioned arch supports the insole Built-in soft arched support pad (rubber material) provides targeted medial longitudinal arch controllable cushioning for maximum foot comfort and support Provides additional stability and arch support necessary to help maintain correct foot position for those who suffer from arch pain, excessive pronation, and collapsed arches. [...]

Cushioning orthotic insoles2021-03-04T10:30:06+08:00
  • best selling insoles

Best selling insoles breathable

074 # Daily comfortable breathable care mat Features: Anti-odor, anti-mildew and antibacterial, firm foot shape Function Description: Blue breathable cotton: mildew proof, antibacterial, deodorant, help to keep the feet dry and cool, as a buffer layer to give foot comfort; Additional shock absorption is provided through heel PAD and front foot PAD (MET [...]

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  • insole SIZE CHART

insole #1801

#1801 UCBL insole for children and adolescents Material: PP polypropylene or polyethylene Purpose: It is used for pronation of feet caused by eversion. It can reduce excessive pronation. It is effective for subtalar joint, knee joint and ankle joint. Foot cup is very high, hold heel and hold foot firmly, correct eversion. Reduce pronation during standing, [...]

insole #18012021-02-05T09:00:53+08:00
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