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  • orthotic insole

Orthotic insole One of the best selling – 1008#

It is one of our hot products with a high repurchase rate, it is an orthotic insole. Why it can become one of the best seller insoles? Let's introduce the function first, it can correct pronation, relieving Achilles tendinitis, adjusting gait, heel posting, shock absorption, distributing pressure more evenly. Why it has amazing [...]

Orthotic insole One of the best selling – 1008#2021-03-02T13:55:06+08:00
  • Sport insole

Sport insole Introduction of 898#

It is our hot product with a high repurchase rate. The insole is mainly for sports and orthotics, arch support, and transverse support, which can help to distribute pressure on the heel. So it is a benefit for different foot pains, such as heel pain, heel spur, plantar fasciitis, and flat arch. The [...]

Sport insole Introduction of 898#2021-02-20T09:53:16+08:00
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