Heat Moldable Insoles–your instant custom insoles

A pair of custom made insoles usually mean perfect fit of the feet, the unique shape and structure, and perhaps the specific needs. However, it also means high costs and more time--manufacturing costs, foot casting or scanning, courier costs, about 2-week waiting time, and so on. Oh, my godness, it is absolutely a [...]

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insole #1801

#1801 UCBL insole for children and adolescents Material: PP polypropylene or polyethylene Purpose: It is used for pronation of feet caused by eversion. It can reduce excessive pronation. It is effective for subtalar joint, knee joint and ankle joint. Foot cup is very high, hold heel and hold foot firmly, correct eversion. Reduce pronation during standing, [...]

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  • Sport insole

Sport insole Introduction of 898#

It is our hot product with a high repurchase rate. The insole is mainly for sports and orthotics, arch support, and transverse support, which can help to distribute pressure on the heel. So it is a benefit for different foot pains, such as heel pain, heel spur, plantar fasciitis, and flat arch. The [...]

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  • Basketball insole

The benefits of basketball insoles

Why playing basketball can damage the feet? Basketball players often wear lightweight sneakers, and it is said that it could help to move quickly on the court. However, the fact is that lightweight often means little support of the feet, and prone to boost foot problems. Inflammation of Achilles Tendon When [...]

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Closed Cell Foam Vs. Open Cell Foam

The family of foam materials is a Large category that can be defined in several ways and shapes. Any foam material can easily be either open cell foam or closed cell foam for you. In a short time, it might be difficult for you to understand just what they are. But you'll easily [...]

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What is EVA?

What is an EVA Insole? More brands use their shoes with EVA insoles, so it's no wonder you want to know exactly what they are! Simply stated, a plastic insole that can be lighter and more flexible than rubber is an EVA insole. But this is just the surface of what these insoles [...]

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Custom Orthotics vs Insoles

For a variety of foot-related problems, insoles & orthotics are a common solution and can be very effective at reducing discomfort and resolving other physical or postural problems. While the two words are sometimes used interchangeably, they are distinct goods that do different things, so it is necessary to ensure that the incorrect [...]

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Which insole is right for me?

What's the Right Shoe Insole for Me? There are several common reasons for buying insoles for shoes. You may experience foot discomfort and seek relief; you may be looking for an insole for athletic activities, such as running, soccer, or basketball; you may be looking to replace a worn-out pair of insoles when [...]

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For some people, just wearing good, appropriate shoes may not always eliminate 100% of foot pain, no matter how big they are. So what else can you do to make yourself feel better and ease the pain? This is where the orthotic insoles (also known as Insoles) come into the picture. Orthotics are [...]

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Is it worth to buy orthotic orthotics

Children often shout “foot tired”, “foot uncomfortable”, do not want to do more exercise, or have an abnormal arch, parents can take the child to the hospital for examination. Medical Professionals warn that it is possible to correct an abnormal arch before the age of 16 with orthotic insoles and targeted training. But [...]

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