Best Walking Insole for Flat Feet of 2021

Running is the most fundamental practice that we participate in on a daily basis. Some of us are more competitive and walk as a "sport" for conditioning and stamina, while others walk as a requirement to carry out our everyday activities. Whatever the cause or inspiration, we want to do it as easily [...]

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  • Heel Pain Plantar Fasciitis

What is Heel Pain and How Does It Affect You?

Since the heel is the largest bone in the foot, it's only normal that you'll feel heel pain at some point in your life. To decide the best treatment for heel pain, one must first understand and differentiate between the various forms of heel pain, their causes, and symptoms. Heel pain can manifest [...]

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Bad habits and good habits for your foot wellness

Nowadays people pay more attention to their health status, as well as measures and precautions to illness and injury. Besides, more and more people realize that foot care is one important part in the whole health care. And there is much to be done for the wellness of the feet, ankles, and lower [...]

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Pronation and Supination Foot Wedge Insoles – Ideastep

1. Why choose PU insoles? Polyurethane(PU) Insoles are designed for those who lead a highly active lifestyle. Especially for people involved with sporting activities. Such insoles feature high shock-absorption capabilities. Besides, PU is also able to turn that energy around and utilize it to increase and enhance performance. That ability means PU material [...]

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  • Cushioning orthotic insoles

Cushioning orthotic insoles

# 431 The cushioned arch supports the insole Built-in soft arched support pad (rubber material) provides targeted medial longitudinal arch controllable cushioning for maximum foot comfort and support Provides additional stability and arch support necessary to help maintain correct foot position for those who suffer from arch pain, excessive pronation, and collapsed arches. [...]

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  • foot orthotics

Does your child need a pair of foot orthotics?

Nowadays, more and more people wear orthotic insoles with arch support to relieve foot pain, improve athletic performance, and/or enhance footwear with more comfort and cushioning. But children do not, and foot problems during childhood are often ignored or unaddressed. Eventually, the small problems further develop into biomechanical foot deformation and result in [...]

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  • custom orthotics

How long do orthotics last?

If you're thinking about buying a new pair of orthotics, you'll probably have some doubts about how long they'll last. One of the most commonly asked questions we get from our customers is, "How long will my orthotics last?" A standard pair of custom foot orthotics will last two to three years on [...]

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How much do custom orthotics cost?

Custom orthotics are costly, and most insurance plans do not cover them. But, before you fork out the $200 to $800 for them, make sure you really need them. If you do, learn how to get the best bang for your buck. The Basics Custom orthotics are pricey, ranging from $200 to $800 [...]

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  • orthotics

What is orthotics?

What is orthotics? Orthotics are custom-made shoe or heel inserts that a doctor prescribes for your particular needs. To treat foot, leg, or back problems, a doctor can prescribe orthotics. Continue reading to learn about the problems that orthotics can help with and how effective they can be.   How can you tell [...]

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  • orthotic insole

Orthotic insole One of the best selling – 1008#

It is one of our hot products with a high repurchase rate, it is an orthotic insole. Why it can become one of the best seller insoles? Let's introduce the function first, it can correct pronation, relieving Achilles tendinitis, adjusting gait, heel posting, shock absorption, distributing pressure more evenly. Why it has amazing [...]

Orthotic insole One of the best selling – 1008#2021-03-02T13:55:06+08:00
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