Custom Orthotic

Designed for foot center gravity adjusting to achieve body balance, re-distribute the foot pressure reasonably, improve foot plantar shock absorption, and finally correct foot deformities and pain relief, give podiatrists, pedorthists and Orthotist time save and economical choices in their clinical work.

Here is the Custom Orthotics Workflow

Digital Model Design

CNC Milling

Grinding Orthotics

custom orthotics


custom orthotics

Kobe Sky

custom made insoles

Middle-aged and elderly insoles

Overweight orthotics

Men’s Casual Insoles

Women’s Casual Insoles

Sport Orthotics

Diabetic Orthotics 282#

custom orthotics


Custom Diabetic

Leather insole

Leather insole 3/4

Kids 155#

custom orthotics


Kids Orthotics

3 days return 30 days replacement