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Junjun is an important cadre of the school department and society. This time, for the upcoming orientation camp, he and other students went to a forest recreation area to explore the way in advance to plan the route of the entire event. Unexpectedly, not long ago, when the group was talking and laughing, Jun Jun suddenly stepped into the air and slipped and fell to the hillside about 20 meters.

When sent to the emergency room of a nearby hospital, Junjun’s right foot was already swollen like a “face turtle”. After seeing the X-ray, the doctor told her that there was no problem with the bones and that she did not need to be hospitalized. After two days of medication, she told her to go home by herself for ice packs. Only after a week, the pain is less painful, but the knee still feels swollen, and when I walk, I always feel that there is a special posture that will make it particularly difficult.

Jun Jun didn’t worry and came to the hospital to ask me for help.

“Dr. Lin, you saw my neck strain last time. As you told me at that time, it will be fine in two or three days. But why am I not getting better this time? I have an ice pack. !”

I checked her carefully and performed an ultrasound scan. I found that there was still a lot of water in the knee joints. No wonder she didn’t walk properly or squat down. In addition, it was found that the ligaments next to her joints were swollen, and there was a little looseness, which was also the reason why she couldn’t work hard when she walked.

“Junjun, you sprained your knee due to an accident last week, but this is a relatively serious sprain, and it will take a long time to recover.”… “I will help you drain the water from your joints first.

This way, your discomfort can be improved immediately. But don’t think that this is all right. Then you have to do your rehabilitation well.”

Knee Varus

. Local pain and stiffness in the knee joint.
. If it is a very severe sprain, there will be swelling and bruising.
. Severe sprains will feel “loose” in the knee joints. When walking or running, the knees will feel strange, and they will not exert much effort.
. It is painful to press down on a specific part, and it is in a shallow place that is “compressed”.
. There may not necessarily be an obvious “twisting” movement. Sometimes it is an accidental movement, the sprained ligament slowly becomes inflamed, and it takes a few days for symptoms such as pain to appear.

. Incorrect actions (such as a sudden slip and fall);
. The strong impact from external force;
. The knee joint is the second joint that is easily sprained among all the joints in the body. (The first place is the ankle joint);
. A joint sprain refers to the phenomenon that the ligament that fixes the knee joint becomes inflamed or even broken due to abnormal external forces (falls, impacts). Among all the ligaments of the knee joint, the medial ligament is the easiest to sprain.

” Episode
. Any age, any ethnic group, any sport can happen.

” What you can do
. Just happened, in the acute phase of redness, swelling, heat, and pain: PRICE principle.
. Use knee pads for protection, and crutches for more serious cases.
. Make the knee joint rotation exercise (slow rotation) without causing pain.
. If the pain is severe, joint mobility is reduced, bruises, swelling, and weakness are added, seek medical attention as soon as possible.


” What a doctor can do for you
. Take an X-ray first to see if there is a fracture or dislocation of the bone. To
. Confirm the degree of injury, see if the ligaments are broken and the joints are loose.
. For severe sprains, use the accessory wood to fix the joints.
. medical treatment.
. Empty needle aspiration: If the knee joint is severely swollen, it is difficult to walk or squat down. The doctor will first use an empty needle to suck out the liquid accumulated in it. Pumping out the water can not only relieve the pain immediately and effectively, but the extracted liquid is a great tool to help judge the injury.
. Rehabilitation treatment: hyperthermia, far infrared rays, ultrasound, shortwave, electrotherapy, sports therapy.
. Surgical treatment: only consider when ligaments are broken, joints become loose, and other parts are severely injured.

” Rehabilitation
. Under the premise of no pain, the joint range of motion of the knee joint is exercised.
. Stretching and strength training exercises for knee joints and nearby parts.

” The time required for recovery
. Mild sprain: Full recovery in two to four weeks.
. Moderate sprain: six to twelve weeks.
. Severe sprain: Depending on the situation of rehabilitation, it may take three months or more.

3 days return 30 days replacement

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