Orthopedic shoes to wear at night? How to scientifically wear orthopedic shoes for children

Orthopedic shoes to wear at night? How to scientifically wear orthopedic shoes for children

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There is a belief that orthopedic shoes are effective only when worn at night. Is this statement correct? Orthodontic shoes and orthopedic insoles are customized products, so there will be different orthopedic shoes for different foot types. Children with severe flat feet or valgus hind feet are not used to wearing corrective shoes at the beginning. It is inconvenient to walk when wearing corrective shoes during the day, or if it affects walking, they can wear them at night. Wearing them at night can also help orthopedics. Fixed effect. But to really have an effect, you must start with a custom-made pair of orthopedic shoes.

Orthodontic insoles should be customized, and orthopedic shoes should be scientifically understood

Because there is a difference between orthopedic shoes and children’s shoes, what is the difference between orthopedic shoes or orthopedic insoles set specifically for children with foot problems and children’s shoes? There was a set of data from the Sports Medicine Center of Fudan University from October 2017 to May 2018 that about 25% of children have low arches (or flat feet). A good pair of children’s shoes usually have an arch support pad and a hard heel cup to prevent abnormal phenomena such as flat feet or valgus hind feet during growth. The role of orthopedic shoes is different. It is used when various phenomena such as flat feet, valgus hind feet, or hallux valgus appear and become serious.

For example, IDEASTEP orthopedic shoes and orthopedic shoes in the custom insole center. These professional institutional products will design different orthopedic insoles according to the heel inclination, arch support, and heel socket shape. The comprehensive design has different heel locking orthopedic insoles, according to different The flatness of the foot and the thickness of the plantar soft tissue give the closest support and corrective force, which can straighten the ankle and adjust the force line of the lower limbs. In addition, Ai Jiaojian will continue to develop new heel lock insoles.

It can be seen from the professional insoles of the above institutions that ordinary orthopedic shoes will be comprehensively evaluated and customized according to different degrees of foot damage.

Orthopedic shoes are worn in the morning or at night, depending on each person’s situation

Because it is different from ordinary children’s shoes, orthopedic shoes are generally hard, and because of the relationship between orthopedic insoles, it is uncomfortable for children who have just worn them. Some children will get used to wearing clothes for a long time, but some children are naturally more sensitive. When walking during the day, they will find that it affects their normal walking. For these children, they can be dressed at night when they sleep, and they can still be worn at night. Improve foot deformities.

In the process of transitioning from ordinary children’s shoes to corrective shoes, the principle of gradual progress must be followed. That is, at the beginning of wearing, children are generally allowed to wear for a short period of one or two hours during the day, and then gradually extend the wearing time. As the child gets used to it, the corrective shoes are slowly taking effect.

In addition, active exercise is also essential. Exercise can promote muscles to regain elasticity and shorten the entire correction process. Some bounce sports, straight-line activities, and rope skipping to play basketball are all good choices.

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