The Crisis of “Flip-Flops”

Can or can’t wear a pinch, it’s painful: the knowledge behind “Beauty of Bare Feet”

In recent years, flip-flops have become an indispensable tool in beautiful women’s shoe cupboards. Some people even say: “If you haven’t realized the importance of beautiful feet, even if you wear them beautifully and look beautiful on your face, It is also unforgivable…” Coupled with the promotion of nail art, it has become one of the driving forces for the popularity of pinch drag!

However, it is convenient and full of style, and it is crazy and beautiful for summer. Be careful not to let “excessive muscle fatigue” quietly upper body… However, if one day you can’t wear the pinch, it’s also big trouble. It may be that the nerves of the feet are in trouble… After all, what should everyone do to be healthy and beautiful?

Being able to show off a pair of slender legs often attracts admiration, but there are inherent limitations and it is not so easy to do. As for the “feet”? Some people say, “Beautiful feet are one of the ten most important sexual characteristics of a woman’s body.”

Therefore, sandals and slippers, tools that can set off almost “barefoot beauty”, have become a high-heeled shoe culture, another shoe culture that fascinates female friends, not to mention that they are so convenient. However, few people know: Behind the convenience and showing the beauty and sexiness of women’s self-confidence, it is so dangerous!

Neglecting the risk of “just in case” can easily cause ankle injuries

Whether you wear sandals or slippers, it is a state that is closer to bare feet and has poor coverage; it just has an extra layer of protection than bare feet, so that the soles of the feet will not directly contact the ground. In addition, there is no need to emphasize or pay attention to any bag. Coverage, support, etc. Although some sandals are designed to be a little supportive the design considerations of sandals or slippers do not require support.

For the originally healthy and strong feet, of course, there is no major problem. Just like the aborigines do not need to wear hiking shoes to climb mountains, wear rain boots, or even wear sandals or flip-flops, and the speed will not be affected at all. The influence of shoes. But, are our feet the same as theirs? of course not.

The modern culture of wearing shoes makes most of our muscles and bones lack exercise and not so strong. Therefore, there are no absolute good or bad suggestions for sandals and slippers, which are one of the tools. It is just that before use, it is not possible to deal with hidden risks. I neglect it because it is convenient or beautiful, otherwise, the consequences will make me regret life.
For example, if you wear slippers to play basketball, you may not have any problems, but the risk must be higher than that of a person wearing basketball shoes; for example, if you wear slippers to ride a motorcycle or ride a motorcycle, in case something happens, That may be very serious (this is why there are special heavy motorcycle shoes, which are designed to protect the person riding a heavy motorcycle in case something happens so that his ankle will not be broken.)

Beautiful and sexy  “flip-flops” easily overwhelm the muscles of the feet

Among them, the flip-flops, which have become popular in recent years, should be reminded of everyone’s attention. Flip-flops lack the thin straps to tie the heels, so the burden on the script body is heavier and the covering is less, and the risk is higher when doing outdoor activities than sandals.

Moreover, the only contact between the pinch and the foot is between the big toe and the second finger. When walking, all the force applied depends on the foot muscles there to pull the slippers and walk, except that the skin is easy to wear and blisters ( However, many feet seem to be able to overcome the pain after a little patience), and more importantly, every time you take a step, the big toe and the toe of the foot need to have an upward hook force to prevent the pinch from being dragged. Will fly away, often wear down for a long time, it is easy to let the muscles in front of the calf, that is, the extensor muscles or the muscles of the instep dorsal area, for example, the normal phallus extensor, the normal extensor, and the front tibia Muscle…and so on, the phenomenon of excessive fatigue.

Of course, these are not big problems, especially under the dual incentives of full convenience and beauty and confidence, there is nothing wrong with wearing sandals or flip-flops, just don’t forget, they are just tools, after all, as long as you understand the tools For the sequelae or risks that may arise from the use, please be careful not to overuse it or use it in inappropriate situations.
It is also a big problem if you can’t wear it with your feet!

If one day you find that you can’t drag through the pinch, it’s also a big problem. This kind of paralysis of the muscles in front of the instep caused by neuropathy or nerve rupture is also very common. For example, there used to be betel nut Xi Shi, because the foot has been tilted, one foot presses the outside of the other foot, that is, it presses on the common peroneal nerve (the common peroneal nerve tube is the force of the toes and the soles of the feet). I have been sitting still because I lifted my feet for too long and did not change my position. After pressing for a long time, the force of the pressure will cause some kind of paralysis of the nerves, causing the situation I just talked about. Lose.

In addition, some patients have suffered a stroke. Because they can’t hook their feet, they will always fall off when wearing slippers. There is no way to wear slippers. He can only wear them unless a belt is attached to the back of the slippers.

Just like the prologue describing the process of dragging with a pinch, when each person’s feet have different strengths, the “foot” will always have different ways of adapting. Therefore, if we can make good use of shoes as a tool to assist our heavy-duty feet, with proper use and correct use, of course, the culture of wearing shoes can be not only a pleasure but also the pursuit of beauty.
Changing shoe treatment: also learned!

However, once you feel inexplicable foot pain, be careful, because it may be some kind of abnormal signal; it can’t be regarded as anything, just change shoes and hope to solve it completely.
Perhaps, you can also go backward and say, what is the first thing to do for the problem of foot pain? Most people would like to change a pair of shoes and everything will be OK. This is not wrong. It is not just that everyone thinks. Even in foot and ankle medicine, there is also a treatment called “shoe replacement therapy”, which is good for mild foot pain. Or as far as the symptoms of deformation are concerned, it is also correct, first, try changing shoes.

As for what kind of shoes, change to softer shoes or harder shoes? Change to wider shoes or narrower shoes? How about changing to higher-heeled shoes or flat-bottomed shoes? Do I need to get an insole? Or change to slippers or sandals? This is a bit of knowledge in it. Next time, we will discuss the love and hatred of shoes, insoles, and feet in the clinic.

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