Want to use arch pads to improve foot pain? First understand the causes and symptoms of arch collapse

Want to use arch pads to improve foot pain? First understand the causes and symptoms of arch collapse !

As the saying goes, the foot is the “second heart” of the human body. Only a healthy foot can ensure the normal circulation of the body. Generally speaking, the important key to determining the force of the foot is the “arch of the foot.” The reasons for the collapse of the arch can be divided into congenital and acquired factors. Some people are genetically inherited, causing the adhesion of the calcaneus and talus to be different, or the ligaments are loose, making the arch of the foot lower than ordinary people.

If the arch of the foot is too low, it will not only affect the area of ​​force when walking, and cause the rear foot to show a “valgus” phenomenon, but also put more pressure on the knees and spine. Skewed pelvis and spine, its seriousness should not be ignored.

Therefore, if you want to solve the foot problem, you must start with daily maintenance and choose the right arch pad to maintain your foot health.

What is an arch pad? Orthotics to help the feet maintain normal arch height:
In order to allow the feet to walk smoothly, many people place the arch pads on the bottom of the shoes to maintain the normal arch height of the feet to correct the original crooked or unfit feet. Because the human foot arch is made up of a series of bones such as the calcaneus, talus, scaphoid bone, etc., usually the foot arch pad is also made into a shape like the structure of the foot plate, and in order to prop up the collapsed foot arch, the middle The insole will additionally strengthen the support force, so that people’s feet have moderate elasticity and endurance when walking, so as to absorb ground shocks and achieve a shock-absorbing effect.

Is the arch insole effective? Master the 4 principles of arch correction insole selection to improve collapsed arch

The selection principle of arch orthopedic insole 1: In line with your arch type
Generally speaking, the arch of the foot can be divided into three types: flat, normal and high arch feet. The differences between the three are explained below. You can determine which arch type you belong to according to their characteristics and find a suitable arch pad.


1. Normal arch: According to the measurement of arch instruments, the arch index of a normal person is between 0.21 and 0.28. If observed with the naked eye, the Achilles tendon of the foot will appear vertical, and the soles of wear marks are evenly distributed on the soles and soles of the feet.

Applicable type: Normal arches are suitable for general insoles without excessive support or assistance.

2. Low arch: If the arch index is greater than 0.28, the arch is collapsed, which is commonly known as flat feet. The Achilles tendon is visible to the naked eye, and the soles of wear are concentrated on the inside of the foot.

Applicable type: Too low arches are suitable for “supporting” insoles to support the feet when walking.

3. High arch: When the arch index is less than 0.21, it means a high arch foot. At this time, the Achilles tendon will be bent outward, and the sole wear is concentrated on the outside.

Applicable type: Too high arches are suitable for “shock-absorbing” insoles to relieve the imbalanced force point of the foot and avoid foot pain and deformation.


The selection principle of arch orthopedic insole 2: The material is moderate in hardness
Some people have the myth that the softer the corrective insole, the better, but in fact this is a wrong concept. If the corrective insole is too soft, it will reduce the support of the foot and even aggravate the symptoms of arch collapse. Therefore, choosing an arch pad with moderate hardness is a better choice when you want to correct the shape of your foot.


The selection principle of arch orthopedic insole 3: the size fits the foot
Whether the size of the orthopedic insole fits the foot is an important factor that affects the corrective effect. When purchasing the orthopedic insole, it is recommended to compare it in person. According to the size of your own shoes, ensure that the orthopedic insole fits the foot and does not press the instep.


The selection principle of arch orthopedic insole 4: Stable and shock-absorbing
There are various types of arch insoles on the market, with thicknesses. Some people may mistakenly think that the thicker the design, the better the shock absorption effect. In fact, only by choosing patented or specially designed orthopedic insoles can the arch insoles truly exert shock absorption. Function, and more stable.

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