Women’s Winter Boot Style Guide: Orthotic-Friendly


Every lady needs a well fitting boot that supports her feet to be dry and comfortable during the winter. Many manufacturers make comfortable boots for ladies with care in mind, ensuring that they do not worsen any underlying issues.

Winter is difficult enough as it is; just getting from your car to your house can feel like a monumental feat. It’s much more difficult when you understand that many of the best boots for women sold by well-known merchants lack enough support. Even though a boot keeps your feet warm and dry, that doesn’t mean it can help you maintain good foot health.

Let’s spend some time looking at the nicest and most comfortable women’s boots. We’ll demonstrate the orthotic boots we recommend and why they’re so good.

How to Find Women’s Comfortable Boots
Shoes without adequate arch support or enough room between the toes might be harmful to our feet. Our feet are subject to unpleasant stress and overuse injuries like plantar fasciitis and Achilles tendinitis if we don’t provide proper support.

Because women are more likely than men to experience lower back discomfort (30 percent of women versus 26 percent of men in the United States alone) and to acquire disorders such as heel spurs, all women should take better care of their feet, which begins with the shoes they wear.

Instead of wearing fashionable shoes with no support, choose women’s winter boots that provide optimum support and comfort without sacrificing style.

Take note of the following elements that every good winter boot should have when you’re out shopping:

Toe Box: Extra Wide
The toe box is the part of the shoe where your toes rest. It should be wide enough to fit your foot comfortably in a thick winter sock without compressing your toes. If you wish to use an orthotic device in your winter boots, the toe box must be large enough for it to fit firmly inside.

Cup for the Deep Heel
It’s much easier for your heel to slip about when you walk in boots that don’t have enough heel support. A deep heel cup provides additional support and stability, which is especially useful on slick terrain.

Traction with a low heel
Winter boots with a low heel of no more than 1 inch are the most supportive. This low heel assists in placing the foot in a flexed position, which relieves muscle strain. This innovation also elevates the heel of the foot out of the snow and ice, keeping the entire foot warm.

Women’s Favorite Waterproof Winter Boots
Many women’s fashion boots will not allow custom orthotics, which is why we provide a bundle of orthotics cut to fit all of our winter boots.


Custom orthotics can be worn with your winter boots.
Do you want to make sure your feet get the support they require? Purchase a pair of our custom orthotics along with your favorite winter boots as part of a package deal. Our trained technicians create your custom orthotic to order based on your exact measurements, then install them into the boots of your choice before they leave our facility. That way, you can save the time-consuming fitting process and have your new boots ready to wear right away.

Don’t be discouraged by the snow and ice of the winter months. Using orthotic-friendly boots to protect your feet will keep you safe and warm all winter.

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